Our best secret

Let's talk about our pizza, let's talk about quality, let's talk about El Petit Obrador pizza.

The type 00 flour is the base of our low salt mass, our best secret. A slow fermentation mass for a minimum of 34 hours. This gives it great flavor and texture. A very fine dough with a special and characteristic crunch that makes the difference.

We cook it for 2 minutes at over 300 ° C in our volcanic stone oven: the intense heat of our oven gives it a special crunch to the base of the pizza, giving it a natural, rustic look and very appetizing.

The quality, variety, creativity and combination of ingredients are our hallmark. Prioritizing always the most natural ingredients, fresh and of more quality. The whole set creates an excellent result full of flavor, where each ingredient stands out for its flavor and differentiation, with a final result of 5 stars for lovers of real pizza. El Petit Obrador the best choice.

The basic ingredients of our pizzas: tomato sauce enlivened with the secret and aromatic touch conferred by our herbs, the right amount of the best fresh cow's milk mozzarella and a great variety of ingredients to choose from to personalize your pizza to taste!

A specialty of the El Petit Obrador pizza, the creative pizzas. Most of them are white pizzas. A white pizza? They are pizzas with a different base than the classic ones with tomato sauce. They are pizzas with natural creams of mushrooms, vegetables, nuts, seasonal fruits or sweets with the best chocolates.

Our tip, book your pizza to take away or a table in our pizzerias and enjoy our pizza. It's your moment ... The Petit Obrador! We do the rest!

Bon Appetite!